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9/3/08 Muhammad and the Birth of Islam Islam is a religious, national and a transnational identity Islamd means : selaam/shalom/peace and submission peaceful and submitted to G-d There is not one Islam, but Islam(s) To Muslims, Islam is a God-made religion (revelation from God), revelation which was sent to Muhammad the prophet, and then Islam started and since it is the last religion, it is the perfect religion Muhammad came to correct deviation from Jews and Christians o Their outlook on entire world—so self righteous…because G-d says they are last perfect religion Jews and Christians are people of the Book: they receive the book, the prophets, but then deviation ( not pagans). Muslims are recommended in Qur’an to talk to people of the book Abrahamic religion (they came out of Ishmael, Jews and Christians came out of Isaac)
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Unformatted text preview: Liberal- minded: same brothers Muhammads age was Golden Age, and whatever he did was correct; figure to be emulated. He was corrected by G-d Haddith: bible.--> lives and actions of Muhammad No clergy, no hierarchy; everyone can be a prayer leader In Islam, dont need to be saved (like in Christianity); just need good intention and then submit oneself to Gods will In ritual observation, Muslims are a united community Five PILLARS of Muslim-Shahada: proclamation of faith I attest that there are not gods but God and Muhammad is his Messenger-Salat: ritual prayer, five times a day directed toward Mecca-Sawm: fasting, abstaining all bodily pleasures for one months-Hajj: pilgrimage-Zakat; alms no conversion process Kaaba is the center of the universe (earthly and heavenly)...
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