3 Cell structure - Biology141 (Physiology) 4/6/08 1:00 AM...

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4/6/08 1:00 AM Biology141 (Physiology) Page 1 of 4 https://courses.bio.psu.edu/spring2008/biol141/Lecture%203(2008).htm Biology141 (Physiology) Lecture 3 M. Whim CELL STRUCTURE [1]. BACKGROUND. this lecture is a review of the major organelles found in a typical cell. a cell is divided into 3 principal parts: The cell membrane. The cytoplasm and organelles. The nucleus. [2]. PLASMA MEMBRANE (cell membrane). a semi-permeable barrier prevents loss of enzymes, and other water soluble compounds. the barrier can’t be water soluble. It is composed of: 1. Phospholipids (see lecture 2). These have a hydrophilic head and hydrophobic tails. This leads to a double layer of phospholipids with the heads facing the cytoplasm and the extracellular environment. 2. Proteins: integral proteins span the membrane, e.g? peripheral proteins are partly embedded in either side of the membrane, e.g.? the fluid-mosaic model of the cell membrane. So-called because? membrane proteins include receptors (both for endogenous and exogenous molecules), transporters and enzymes. parts of the plasma membrane can be specialized for absorption, movement and sensory processes: (a). Cilia . projections of the plasma membrane that move in unison.
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3 Cell structure - Biology141 (Physiology) 4/6/08 1:00 AM...

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