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Math 227 Sections 4 and 5 Quiz 1 Take-Home Due in class February 7, 2011 Name Ground Rules. Calculators are not allowed. You must do this quiz in one sitting without help from any person and without consulting any sources, printed, electronic or otherwise. Show all your work and write complete mathematical and English sentences. 1. (5 points) Find
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Unformatted text preview: Z e x p 1 + e x dx: 2. (5 pts) Apply the Substitution Rule to R &= 4 p (1 + cos 2 (2 x ) sin(2 x ) dx using the substitution u = cos(2 x ) to transform the integral to the form R d c f ( u ) du: DO NOT EVALUATE THE FINAL INTE-GRAL. Your &nal answer should not include any reference to the variable x: 1...
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