17 Skeletal muscle neural control

17 Skeletal muscle neural control - Biology141 (Physiology)...

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4/6/08 1:04 AM Biology141 (Physiology) Page 1 of 4 https://courses.bio.psu.edu/spring2008/biol141/Lecture%2017(2008).htm Biology141 (Physiology) Lecture 17 M. Whim SKELETAL MUSCLE: NEURAL CONTROL [1]. EXCITATION-CONTRACTION COUPLING CONT . (from lecture 16). [a]. How is muscle relaxation controlled? when action potentials in the motor neuron stop, the release of Ca from the SR ceases. this ends muscle contraction. Why? to recover the released Ca, pumps in the SR remove Ca from the muscle cell cytoplasm back into the SR. which processes involved in the regulation of muscle activity require ATP? 1. 2. [2]. HOW IS MUSCLE CONTRACTION REGULATED? motor neurons (“ lower motor neurons ”) in the spinal cord innervate muscles directly contraction. the activity of these motor neurons is influenced by: (i). Sensory feedback from muscles and tendons. (ii). Neurons in the brain (e.g. “ upper motor neurons ” that send information down the spinal cord). [3]. CONTROL OF MUSCLE CONTRACTION BY SENSORY FEEDBACK. to control skeletal movements the nervous system receives sensory input and adapts its motor output. reflexes
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17 Skeletal muscle neural control - Biology141 (Physiology)...

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