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solutionsP1 - Math 227.04 Integration Review Due in class...

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Unformatted text preview: Math 227.04 _ Integration Review Due in class Friday 1/28/11 NMLW Instructions.- Please do your preliminary work on scratch paper. Write y final solutions in the space provided. You solutions should be written in complete English and mathematical sentences. Indicate your answers clearly. 1. Let f be the function Whose graph is given below and suppose g is a. function defined by g(:s)= f0 f(t)dt fl: 7 Shades! area. flfiaaflfl 9(2,i)~3(2«r>) is “12 lleie’li’r KL llul Nomadic? flicl‘angk,” IVs/ice nu; U Sligl‘fij 7mm 0w fizfi) (a) 0n the graph above, indicate geometrically the quatities: g(2.1)—g{2), W, f (2). Supply clear labels. (b) Apply the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus to estimate g’ (2) . 9’01): 75(2) 3 i 5' c E lain how your answers to a) )relete to the answer in 6. XP [Vote find” 77w fire-fur: flaw; g{21)'2{2°) a {(2) 771? FTC Silk/t! {/2}: j/Z) Flt cohnzcfion kite!“ 7%? full” map flV f’TC I.) Add" . M) E; a {tffiwua into/1W M aflflfok’wwé/ ...
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