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100_exam_3_key - 18 stimulate the immune system to make...

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Biolory 100 (02) - Human Biolory Spring 2009 l. nucleic acid 2.theh metabolic machinery is borrowed from the host cell 3. This is false. Answer Key for EXAM #3 4. The flu shot is different each year because the infectious agent undergoes frequent mutation. 5. It helps in the digestion of fats. 6. the fecal-oral route 7. Some of those infected are long-term chronic carriers. 8. Asians and Pacific Islanders 9. The majority of those infected with hepatitis c have no symptoms. 10. fever 11. macrophages engulfing the invading agent in the affected tissue 12. Mast cells are phagocytic cells. 13. Histamine causes the blood vessels to constrict (get smailer). 14. bone marrow 15. produced only when their surface proteins recognize antigen 16. B cells that actively secrete antibodies 17. both memory B cells and memory T cells
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Unformatted text preview: 18. stimulate the immune system to make memory cells 19. organisms that are alive but cannot cause disease 20. antigens of the pathogen 21. at the variable region Z2.both a) and b) are correct 23.the person has the mumps currently 24.lgG 25.IgE 26, an autoimmune response 27.MTTC 28. thymus 29. antigen + self-MHC 30. plasma cells 31. cytotoxic T cells 32. T helper cells 33. MHC proteins are responsible for B cells being able to recognize foreign antigens on the transplanted organ. 34, CD4 35. to make a double-stranded DNA copy from HfV's RNA 36. This is false. 37. the CD4 cell count &ops dramatically 38. HIV mutates often. 39. saliva 40. Sub-Saharan Africa APPROXIMATE GRADE RANGES 90 -100o/o A, A-80 - 89% B+, B, B-60 - 79% C+, C, C-s0-s9% D 0 - 49o/o F...
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100_exam_3_key - 18 stimulate the immune system to make...

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