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Biology 100 – Human Biology Spring 2009 REVIEW SHEET FOR EXAM #1 Disclaimer: You will be tested for your understanding of all material covered in lecture and on the following specific textbook pages : Chapter 1 (entire chapter), box on p. 29 (Sugar: Sweet Poison), p. 37 (pesticides), p. 158 (carbohydrates), p. 309-310 (diabetes mellitus), and p. 410 (prevention of cancer). 1. (From lecture and text): What are the seven characteristics common to all living things? 2. What are the levels of organization in living things? (atoms, molecules, etc.) From Chap. 1, also know the levels of organization from the organism to the biosphere. What is the “smallest unit of life”? 3. Define homeostasis . Know the temperature regulation example from class: what is the body’s thermostat and where is it? what body processes can raise body temperature? what body processes can lower body temperature? As another example, know the regulation of blood sugar (see question # 26 on this review sheet). 4. What is an organism’s metabolism ? 5. Define evolution . (From text): What is an adaptation ? 6. (From text): Know how humans are classified among living things. Terms to know: vertebrate , mammal . How do humans differ from other mammals? 7. (From text): Know the steps of the scientific method. What is a hypothesis? Understand what a controlled study is – in it, be able to identify experimental variable , control group, test group . What are the reasons to have a large sample size (number of participants)? Define and explain the purpose of: placebo , double-blind study . What is the distinction between a hypothesis and a theory? Why might information in scientific journals be more reliable than information in magazines or on the Internet? Which website URLs usually indicate a reliable source of information, and which URLs should lead one to be more skeptical and to feel compelled to confirm the information? 8.
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100_review_exam_1 - Biology 100 Human Biology Spring 2009...

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