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Math 324 Midterm 1 Name:__________________________________ 1. Let A be the event that Whirlen is late to work, and B be the event that Ekedeed is late to work. Suppose throughout this problem that and . a) Assuming that Whirlen and Ekedeed act independently, find the probability that Whirlen is late OR Ekedeed is on time, and then find the probability that Whirlen is late GIVEN that Ekedeed is on time. (In other words, calculate and also calculate assuming that A and B are independent) b) Do the same 2 calculations of part (a), assuming instead of the independence. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. A fair coin is flipped 4 times. Define the random variable X to be the length of the longest string of heads. For instance HTHT means X=1 and HTHH means X=2 a) Find P(X=1). Similarly, Find P(X=2), P(X=3) and P(X=4). b)
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