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12 by convention variable names start with a lowercase

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Unformatted text preview: n the power is turned off is called volatile memory. 10. A block begins with a ___{___ and ends with a ___}___. 11. byte, short, int, long, double, float, boolean and char are all ___primitive_data or fundamental types. 12. By convention, variable names start with a lowercase letter, while constants are in all uppercase letters. 13. == is a comparison operator, while = is an assignment operator. 1 14. The operators >, <, >=, <=, ==, and != evaluate to boolean type. 15. Complete the table: a b true true a && b true a || b true a ^ b false true false true true false true false true true false false false false false false 16. Evaluate the expression and write the value in the space provided: ((true) && (false)) || ((2 * 1) > 2) = false . 17. Given the following code fragment, write the value of the variables after the fragment executes: int i=5, j=0, k=0, m=0, n=0; j = ++i; k= i++; m+=i; n-=--i; i= 6 j...
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