homework and midterm

Homework and midterm

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Unformatted text preview: CSC 210 Fall 2011 Instructor: Marc Sosnick Midterm 1 Sample Questions Midterm 1 will cover chapters 1 ­4 in Liang. These questions are intended to give you an idea of the type of questions that will appear on the midterm. A good review for the midterm would include reviewing this document, as well as reviewing the summary, review questions, and programming exercises at the end of chapters 1 ­4. Fill in the blank: 1. Java source code must be compiled before it can be executed. 2. Java source code is turned into byte code by the compiler. 3. Two kilobytes of memory is 2048 bytes of memory. 4. The JVM or Java Virtual Machine executes Java bytecode. 5. Every java program must have a main method. 6. Java statements end with a ; or semicolon . 7. Block comments start with a /* and end with a */ . 8. Line comments start with a // and end with the next line . 9. Memory that loses the values contained in it whe...
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