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Unformatted text preview: CSC 210 Spring 2011 Instructor: Marc Sosnick Homework 3 (15 points) Due: Midnight, Friday, September 16, 2011 Description: Do problem 2.14 on p. 66 in Liang. As with the previous homework, you are to write an algorithm in English for solving the problem before you begin programming. You will turn in this algorithm along with your code. In addition to the prompts indicated in the assignment, the program should introduce itself as we have demonstrated in class. Submission: Submit a PDF containing: 1) Your name, date, class & section, title 2) Your algorithm (in English, using the word processor) 3) A printout of your code (including your algorithm as comments) 4) A printout of the output of two runs of your program, including user interaction (i.e. data entered from the keyboard). You should run the program and capture the output twice, using different numbers each time. You do not need to include a program with comments only. Remember, for credit your program must be printed in a fixed with font such as Courier or Monaco. You must also include a block comment at the top of your program (header comment block) with the filename, your name, the date, and a short description of the program. 1 ...
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