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Unformatted text preview: CSC 210 Fall 2011 Instructor: Marc Sosnick Homework 5 (15 points) Due: Midnight, Friday, September 30, 2011. Description: Do problem 4.18 on page 149 in Liang, “Printing four patterns using loops.” Do only patterns I and II. Note you are not required to turn in an algorithm for this assignment, but for this assignment and all future assignments for this class your comments will be graded for clarity. Rembmer your source file must have a header comment block contatining the file name, author’s name, date, and a description of the program. Submission: Submit a PDF containing: 1) Your name, email address, date, class & section, title 2) Your code, correctly indented 3) The output of a run of your program. Remember, for full credit your source code and output must be in a fixed with font such as Courier or Monaco. Within reason, source code should fit horizontally onto one page. Please see the extra credit section for additional submission requirements for extra credit. 1 Extra Credit (3 points) Description: Do patterns III and IV for problems 4.18 on page 149 in Liang. Extra Credit Submission: Important note: Extra credit does not replace the assignment submission requirements above, but is in addition to the submission requirements above. In other words, you must first complete the regular homework assignment, including collecting output for the program. Write a separate program (i.e. create an entirely different project) for your extra credit work. No credit will be given for the assignment if the regular assignment above itself is not submitted. Extra Credit Submission: After the items indicated in the submission guidelines above, also submit: 4) Your extra credit code, which must be a completely separate program from the one submitted above. 5) Output of a run of your extra credit program. All extra credit materials must be in a fixed ­width font such as Courier or Monaco. Within reason, source code should fit horizontally onto one page. 2 ...
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