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HM 324 1. What areas did the first settlers populate? 2. Be able to interchange Northern region and Central region for Britain and Germany in terms of food contributions. 3. What were the differences between the first British settlers, the Cavaliers & the Pilgrims in terms of motivation for settlement, type of people prior to settlement (class, profession, religion or lack of, British government supporters or not) and how their settlements developed. 4. What animal was the primary source of protein for the colonists during the 17 th & 18 th Centuries? 5.
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Unformatted text preview: How is the current American diet still reflective of the early British settlers? Be specific in terms of core foods, pattern of eating, beverages, and choice of foods. 6. Be able to identify common British-based foods that are still part of the American diet. 7. What was a great contribution from the early Germans that relates to the American food supply? 8. Be able to identify common German-based foods that are still part of the American diet. 9. From the sandwich video: Who invented the sandwich? 10. What is the difference between “dinner” and “supper?”...
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