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German_French_British2 - d Heart and Star French Group...

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German Questions and Answers 1. What is Germans most common side dish? A. Onion Rings B. Mashed Potatoes C. Pretzels D. Curly Fries 2. What is the most common dish in Germany? 3. How much does Germans food influences American. British food: 1. Where is the origin of scone? 2. In British, what will the scone are eaten with? a. Coffee b. Tea c. Juice d. Water 3. What is the shape of American scone and British scone?
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Unformatted text preview: d. Heart and Star French Group Questions 1. Brie Cheese are made from milk? A. Cow's milk B. Goat's milk C. Sheep's milk D. mixed milk 2. Which category of cheese dose Mimolette belong to? A. Soft & Fresh Cheese B. Hard C. Semi-soft D. Green Cheese E. Blue Cheese 3. What are five basic tpyes of Cheese? A. Soft & Fresh Cheese, Hard, Semi-hard, Semi-soft, Green Cheese B. Soft & Fresh Cheese, Hard, Semi-soft, Blue Cheese, Stingy C. Soft & Fresh Cheese, Hard, Semi-soft, Green Cheese, Stingy D. Soft & Fresh Cheese, Hard, Semi-soft, Semi-hard, Blue Cheese...
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