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Study Guide: Pre/Post Civil War, Irish and Spanish 1. What were the core foods for the Pre-Civil War period? 2. What was the nutritional quality of the Pre-Civil War diet? 3. Why did people eat Graham crackers initially? 4. What movement was the expression “living high on the hog” associated with? 5. What is “pocket soup?” 6. What are “prairie oysters?” 7. The tradition of chili and cornbread was started by? 8. Clam chowder was introduced to America by which ethnic group?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. What groups promoted the health food movement of the 1800’s? 10. The U.S. Government nationalized two major holidays during the mid-1800’s; be able to name them. 11. How did the Temperance Movement impact the American diet? Why? 12. What impact did Women’s Suffrage have on how American’s ate? 13. Know examples of Irish food per lecture PowerPoint....
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