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Psychology of Eating Study Guide Vocabulary to Know – anything in bold in the outline 1. Culture 2. Ethnicity 3. Enculturation 4. Assimilation 5. Cultural Relativity 6. Ethnocentric Viewpoint 7. Picky Eater 8. Super Tasters 9. Non-tasters 10. Positive Association with food 11. Negative Associations with food 12. Inner-directed food choices 13. Outer-directed food choices Be able to recognize examples of each term. Concepts to know: 1. Why do we eat? What are all the factors that influence our food choices?
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Unformatted text preview: 1. How does social class impact your food choices? 2. Be able to answer the questions in the outline that pertain to the video, Social Class in America. How does the video illustrate an ethnocentric viewpoint. 3. How do our belief systems impact our food choices? 4. What factors make us change our diet or pattern of eating? 5. How do food trends get started and by whom?...
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