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HM 324 1. Know approximately when slavery started in America and when it ended (officially). 2. Know examples of native African foods that were brought to America. 3. What food came from South American but was popularized by Africans? 4. What was the typical slave diet? 5. What does “Everything but the oink” mean? 6. What nutrition-related deficiencies were common among the slaves? 7. What were “preacher’s birds?”
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Living high on the hog means? 9. Kwanzaa is what? 10. What is Junteenth and why is it important? 11. Why were African cooks used as icons on various food products? What are some examples of products still available today? 12. What is soul food? What are some examples of soul food?(in the past & today) What does it symbolize today? 13. What makes chilies hot? 14. What are some of the health benefits of chilies?...
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