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HM 324 1. Who were/are the Franco-Americans? What area in America do they live in? 2. Who are the Cajuns? What area do they populate? 3. What is “The Trinity Mix?” 4. Who were/are the Creoles? What is their cooking style? 5. The French “Continental” breakfast consists of what? 6. What does “panivores” mean? 7. 8. The French fry was originally food for what group of people? (the poor, the
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Unformatted text preview: middle class, or the rich/elite?) 9. What are some examples of popular French dishes in America today? 10. What are some examples of food typical of New Orleans? 11. What does “Mardi Gras” mean? What is another name for it? What is the custom in terms of food? 12. Who popularized French cooking and cuisine in the 1960’s in America? 13. What does file` or gumbo mean?...
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