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Native Americans – Vocabulary and Study Questions Know what the following words mean: 1. The Three Sisters 2. Pellagra 3. Maize 4. Hominy 5. Grits 6. Jerky 7. Wild Rice 8. Quinoa 9. What is the role of nature in Native American society? 10. Sympathetic healing means what? What is a good example? 11. What are the core foods for Native Americans? 12. Know examples of foods eaten from each of the five major regions Native Americans lived in. 13. What major shift occurred in the diet when corn became the primary food for animals (from the video)? 14. What was the role of ash or lime in the diet? What did it prevent? What do we
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Unformatted text preview: use in place of ash today? 15. Why is corn a major part of our diet today? Know examples of food it is in. 16. How were potato chips invented? 17. Is the current Native American diet of those living on reservations better or worse than their original diet? Why? Study Guide: Chiles and chocolate 1. What makes chiles taste “hot”? 2. Chocolate originated from what ancient civilization? 3. What are the health benefits of chocolate?...
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