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Study Guide for Soft Beverages 1. What are the 3 major types of tea? 2. What type of tea did Americans primarily drink prior to 1830? 3. What are the health benefits of tea that make it popular today? 4. Know what is unique about each of the following teas: a. Earl Grey b. Jasmine c. Lapsan Souchong d. Chai 5. What is herbal tea – is it a true tea? 6. Herbal teas are used for what purposes besides just enjoying the flavor? 7. What was the purpose of afternoon tea in early American culture? 8. When did coffee become the primary American drink? What historic event promoted coffee drinking? What concept does coffee represent?
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Unformatted text preview: 9. Be able to answer the questions in the PowerPoint regarding the video on coffee/ 10. What are the 2 main species of coffee. Which is the better quality product? 11. What is Espresso and how do you make it? 12. What was Coco Cola originally used for in the late 1800s? 13. Why did Coke gain such wide popularity? 14. What does the continued popularity of Coke say about American culture/ What values are reflected in our acceptance of Coke as an everyday drink? 15. What is sassafras and what beverage was based on it? 16. The trend of drinking bottled water is harmful to what?...
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