Civil Rights - register for it…police dogs water hoses...

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Civil Rights Because of the success of Sit-Ins, Freedom Riders came into  play…they were working to end segregation on  transportation….May 1961, they left Washington, DC, went by bus  to Amiston, Alabama…14 freedom riders black and white and they  were attacked…Marshalls were sent to protect the Riders….AL  and MS were the worst segregated states in the US… James Meredith…voter registration problems: poll tax, literacy  test, transportation…. .James Meredith was an Air Force  veteran…JFK sent Marshalls to help him to enroll in Mississippi  University and get registered to vote…when he graduated, two  Marshalls had died in an attempt to protect him…. . Civil Rights Act of 1964, MLK prepares to do voter registration in  Alabama…Bull Conner was determined to not let blacks vote or 
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Unformatted text preview: register for it…police dogs, water hoses, electric rods…June 11, 1963, the president will go on television and for the first time in history a sitting president will call segregation a moral problem… he calls for a new civil rights legislation to help black citizens… that night, Medgar Evers, president of the Mississippi NAACP, was killed in his home…the March on Washington, King organizes it, over 200000 black and white Civil Rights activists “I Have a Dream” speech….they got an audience with the president….Malcolm X (Little)- the Nation of Islam by Elijah Mohammed, focusing on black rights in America and they were not non-violent….he then goes on to become one of the most powerful speakers…....
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Civil Rights - register for it…police dogs water hoses...

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