Containment USSR

Containment USSR - Containment…..USSR George Kennan, will...

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Unformatted text preview: Containment…..USSR George Kennan, will use this phrase…this has been dubbed the long telegram –February 1946….this will lead to the Truman Doctrine­ March 1947….Greece has communists in their country challenging the king….Truman asks Congress for 4 million dollars to help Greece and Turkey….Winter of 1947, worst winter in Europe….Secretary of State, George Marshall, is giving a speech at Harvard University­ the US will help Europe….the Marshall Plan….12.5 billion dollars over four years went to 16 different countries….Czechoslovakia turned communists in 1948, Congress got together and gave all the money they wanted…..we gave the USSR the right to participate but Stalin said no….. ...
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