Cuba Confrontations

Cuba Confrontations - Cuba Confrontations The Bay of...

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Unformatted text preview: Cuba Confrontations April 17, 1961 The Bay of Pigs…..since Kennedy was not the one who came up with this, he called off the air­strike…this whole thing lasted 72 hours….he said he took full responsibility even though it was not his plan or his idea….national embarrassment…. October 1962…the Cuban Missile Crisis…Russia moved tanks, bombs, and 42 Soviet soldiers to Cuba…they were installing nuclear tipped missiles in Cuba….Russia wanted the US out of Berlin…Oct. 22, 1962, Kennedy orders a naval blockade around Cuba, quarantine Cuba and immediate removal of the missiles… Tough repercussions….on Oct. 28, with ships enroute, Khrushchev blinked and recalled the ships and take the missiles out of Cuba…..this was the downfall of Khrushchev, and Russia will enter into a huge military buildup… ...
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