Imperialist Stirrings

Imperialist Stirrings - In 1895-6 near Venezuela about a...

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Imperialist Stirrings In 1900, US officially on gold standard with Gold Standard Act of 1900. McKinley raises the tariff. The years following the Civil War…indifference to the outside world…. .why?. ..But the last few decades brought a momentous shift in US foreign policy. .an imperial power… How did this happen? Both farmers and factories boomed “yellow press” of Joseph Pulitzer and his New York World and William Randolph Hearst’s New York Journal… Overseas called for new souls to harvest Social Darwinism The Control of the Sea…a new steel navy Monroe’s Doctrine and Venezuelan Squall
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Unformatted text preview: In 1895-6, near Venezuela about a disputed area between it and British Guiana… President Cleveland had his Secretary of State Richard Olney to write a “21 inch” note declaring that they were breaking the Monroe doctrine, and thus should submit the dispute to arbitration, GB was unimpressed Cleveland formed a commission from Congress to draw a line and said USA would fight for it if not abided by…. Soon GB got involved with Germany and GB relented and submitted to arbitration and eventually got what they wanted…. ....
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