Israel - age…the Soviet Union is still threatening some...

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Israel The UN birthed the state of Israel…Jews deserved their own  lands because of the Holocaust…we will portion off a part of  Palestine and it will become the New Israel…Truman recognizes it  as a country… Soon Arab armies attack Israel within years….America begins to  rearm…the National Security Act which created the department of  defense, National Security Council, and the CIA (Central  Intelligence Agency)…. 1948- Congress resurrects the military draft…19-25 years of 
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Unformatted text preview: age…the Soviet Union is still threatening some democracies… Europe wants to forma an alliance with the US, in September of 1949 the US officially joins NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) originally had 12 countries… “to keep the Russians out (Communism), the Germans down (no punishment), and the Americans in (our protection)” the purpose of NATO…....
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