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Key battles during WWII

Key battles during WWII - “the Final Solution”-the only...

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Key battles during WWII V-E day, May 8, 1945 (Victory in Europe) The battle of the bulge- Last attempt to keep France by Hitler who planned this  themselves…under AC McAuliffe we fought back when they tried to corner us in  France….we pressed them past the Rhine River…we went to Berlin and helped  the Russians….then we saw the devastation of the concentration camps The concentration camps Ghettos- where Jews lived in certain cities in parts of Europe…they had to wear a star on their  clothes….
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Unformatted text preview: . “the Final Solution”-the only way to deal with Jews is to kill them according to Hitler….total death 11 million people….Auschwitz and Dachau most famous… Hitler is in his bunker…When Hitler sees Berlin falls, he kills himself on April 30, 1945….his new wife died too… Yalta- the last official meaning of the big three…Churchill will get voted out and FDR dies… February of 1945…the origins of the Cold War…Postwar Europe…Stalin agrees to help fight Japan…...
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