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Korea Explodes - just an armistice July 1953….leaves...

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Korea Explodes United Nations ‘police action’…June 25, 1950…crossed the 38th  parallel This becoming a “police action” with 16 nations sending troops  but…Gen. Douglas MacArthur….Stalin did not believe the US  would care…We go ahead and send troops and by November of  1950 we have pushed them back past the original line…. September 15, 1950…Inchon… October 9, 1950…we cross the 38th parallel and go near the  border of China…Truman will fly to meet MacArthur…Jan. 1951,  we retreat before engaging the Chinese Army…. MacArthur protested…April 11, 1951 Truman relieved MacArthur  of his duty and charged with insubordination… “there is no  substitute for victory”-MacArthur… The Korean War dragged on for 2 more years…. The impact of the Korean War….a peace treaty was never signed, 
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Unformatted text preview: just an armistice. . July 1953….leaves Korea divided 54,000 Americans died in Korea, 1 million Koreans and Chinese Truman’s decision to sent troops to Korea without Congressional approval set a dangerous precedent for all future conflicts When times got tough, the bomb was never an option Containment became a truly global policy After the war, we tried to cut back on the defense budget…Truman begins a major military buildup. .NCS-68 it called for, in 1950, for a massive buildup of defense including atomic and hydrogen bombs which Truman resisted…but the Korean War forced him to build it up massively Sept 1945…soviets explode their first atomic bomb 1952- we explode our first hydrogen bombs….1953- Soviets do the same...
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  • Spring '11
  • Korea Explodes United, but…Gen. Douglas MacArthur….Stalin, hydrogen bombs….1953­ Soviets, War….a peace treaty

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Korea Explodes - just an armistice July 1953….leaves...

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