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Mass consumption Economy - mass production, cars, esp. the...

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Mass consumption Economy The 1920’s were an exceptionally prosperous decade….after a brief recession in 1920-21, the next 7 years were awesome….the 1920s gave Americans the highest standard of living in the world….with consumption, leisure, and self realization…. . It was also a time in which American manufacturing was remarkably efficient, There were two aspects to this –electrical power- and the moving assembly line, which carried the product to the worker, first devised by Henry Ford a decade before WWI (implemented in his factories in 1913) ….. The automobile and quickly became a badge of freedom as it revolutionized American economic and social life…by the 1890’s Henry Ford and Ransom e Olds were developing the infant automotive industry….would be the king with his Model T, first made in 1908…How? Through
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Unformatted text preview: mass production, cars, esp. the Model T, could be made cheaply. DetroitFrederick W. Taylor.scientific management first introduced by Taylor in 1895and dont forget- the growth of the auto industry stimulated the steel, petroleum, chemical, rubber, and glass industries, and obviously highway construction. . Consumption- could they find a mass market for the goods. Thus comes advertising!. ..Bruch Barton was one of the leaders of this, and advertising was centered on NYCs Madison Avenue. . Buying on credit was another innovative feature of the postwar economy. Notice the change that occurred in the 1920s-.the gratification of personal desires through the acquisition of more and better possessions....
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