McKinley and the War

McKinley and the War - war”- Secretary of State. “The...

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McKinley and the War April 11, 1898 McKinley sent to Congress a declaration of war against Spain. On April 20, Congress….recognizing the independence of Cuba and authorizing the use of force to drive Spain out, and they also issued the Teller Amendment…. .Thus the Spanish-American War began to free Cuba, but it quickly expanded. It would become a kind of coming-out party for the USA and would last only 113 days! It begins to free Cuba, but it quickly expands to deal with other countries. “It was a splendid little
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Unformatted text preview: war”- Secretary of State. “The Summer War” On May 1, 1898, under the orders of President McKinley and Assistant secretary of Navy Theodore Roosevelt, Commodore George Dewey, commanding the American Asiatic Squadron at Hong Kong, attacked Spain’s Philippines in Manila harbor destroying Spain’s 10 warships and killing about 400 people. By August 13, American troops arrived and captured Manila....
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