Mobilization of the Econom1

Mobilization of the Econom1 - shaping peace The national...

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Mobilization of the Economy One problem was to feed bother America and the Allies….  Herbert C. Hoover was chosen to head the Food Administration… instead he waged propaganda campaigns through posters,  billboards , newspaper, pulpits and movies to appeal to their  emotions…Consequently you had….all on a voluntarily basis.  Hoover’s methods worked. .the Fuel Administration- heatless  Mondays, etc; the Treasury Dept…And the USA ultimately took  over the Railroads after 1917. Most of labor got behind the war (AFL and Samuel Gompers;  “labor will win the war!”, yet there were still 6000 strikes during the  war years. The worst strike was in 1919 in Pittsburg…Ultimately,  the strike was busted, some labor did not support the war –  industrial Workers of the world IWW, known as Wobblies. Women came to work too. They saw it as an opportunity in 
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Unformatted text preview: shaping peace. The national American Woman suffrage Association supported Wilson’s war, and he endorsed woman suffrage as “a vitally necessary war measure…. So by 1920, 80 years after the first calls for suffrage at Seneca Falls, the 19th Amendment was ratified, giving all American women the right to vote. Southern blacks realizing that wartime manufacturing was creating jobs in the North , migrated to the big cities. This was known as the Great Migration in which during 1914-1920 more than 500000 blacks left the South in search of work. . The 18th Amendment was passed in 1919, thanks to The fact that many breweries and whiskey distilleries were of German descent Prohibition would shift tons of grains to war uses Alcoholism led to drunkenness and a drunk was of no use to war effort...
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Mobilization of the Econom1 - shaping peace The national...

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