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President Harding When he won the election with the biggest landslide ever in  1920, he was likeable guy, a newspaperman by trade, a  lieutenant governor of Ohio, and a Senator… The “Ohio Gang”…Charles Evans Hughes was his Secretary  of State…Andrew W. Mellon was the Secretary of Treasury… Herbert Hoover was the Secretary of Commerce…But there  were some of bad choices too – Secretary of Interior was a  Senator Albert B. Fall, and Attorney General Harry M. 
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Unformatted text preview: Daugherty would become infamously known as the “Ohio Gang.” All together their dream was not “laissez-faire” but to have government guide business along the path to profits. This was made easier as Harding got to appoint four Supreme Court judges during his three year presidency, and the Court would cut away at different progressive legislation. For instance in Adkins versus Children’s Hospital (1923), the Court reversed Muller versus Oregon…...
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  • President Harding, State…Andrew W. Mellon, Senator Albert B., Attorney General Harry, government guide business, different progressive legislation.

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