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Progressive Women - focused more on protecting women and...

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Progressive Women A crucial focus for women’s activism was the settlement house movement… Though the 19th century was a time of “separate spheres” in which women were supposed to be at home, the female progressives defended their new activities as an extension-not a rejection- of the traditional roles of wife and mother…. . Florence Kelley,…IN 1899 Kelley took control of the newly founded National Consumers League….Muller vs. Oregon (1908) would lead to protecting women workers since they are weaker in body…. . With all of these results, the new American welfare state that emerged from female activism
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Unformatted text preview: focused more on protecting women and children than on granting benefits to everyone. Not all reform met with success at first. In 1911, the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in NYC had a fire, by 1917 the 30 states had workers compensation laws on the books-thus…. . Alcohol was a target,….the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, founded by Frances E Willard, mobilized nearly 1 million women to make the world homelike and built the WCTU… The anti saloon league was a major ally. Soon, many towns would become dry but the cities still were wet because of the huge immigrant population from the Old World....
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