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Roosevelt’s Square Deal Though an imperialistic busybody, he was touched by the wave of progressives at home. He decided to make this his interest and demanded giving everyone a “Square Deal” for capital, labor, and the public at large. Model state for progressivism= Wisconsin He planned to do this by embracing the three C’s: control of the corporations, consumer protection, and conservation of natural resources. The test for labor came in the coal strike of 1902. In June of 1902 140000 United Mine Workers of PA led by John Mitchell, laid down their picks and demanded higher wages, an 8/9 hour day,
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Unformatted text preview: and recognition of the union. The owner,… George R. Baer of the Reading Railroad was the spokesperson and he and miners were summoned to the White House as this dragged into October! No progress was made, and management came across horrible in the press, thus with no end in sight, Roosevelt threatened not to break the strike, but…. They submitted to arbitration and a compromise decision was attained-a 10% raise and a 9 hour work day. Roosevelt urged Congress to create the Department of Commerce and Labor, which they did in 1903…It also created the Bureau of Corporations…....
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