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Senate Ratification and Wilson

Senate Ratification and Wilson - He even created his own...

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Senate Ratification and Wilson’s Collapse The fifth was now on in the Senate. Massachusetts Senator  Henry Cabot lodge and over 35 other Senators proclaimed the  Treaty would not be approved, especially a League of Nations. In September of 1919, the President set out for three weeks of  speeches to sell the Treaty and the League of Nations. On  September 23, he collapsed after an address in Pueblo, CO  and….. So Senator Lodge was left to try to amend the treaty, and he did. 
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Unformatted text preview: He even created his own “14” points to mock Wilson. The biggest concern was Article X…. . When the vote came, with Lodges Reservations attached, even Wilson told all Democrats to vote against the treaty. The vote was 55-39 against it. They voted again in march 1920 and it won a majority but not the necessary 2/3 majority needed. What doomed this treaty: The Lodge-Wilson feud, isolationism, partisanship, Wilson, etc. all combined to doom it....
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