The Death of Camelot

The Death of Camelot - without a Bible… Civil Rights Act...

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The Death of Camelot November 22, 1963…Kennedy arrives in Dallas for a fundraiser… he is riding in an open limousine…he was shot by a riflemen in a  Texas school book depository building…the alleged assassin was  a single shooter 24 year old, Lee Harvey Oswald….Who he is is a  major source of controversy…he lived in Russia for a long time,  so he came back here frustrated and disgruntled and angry… however, no one knows who he was working for….the next day,  Oswald was shot on TV by a Dallas nightclub owner named Jack  Ruby….VP Johnson is sworn in on Air Force one without the  presence of the Bible, he is the only president not to be sworn in 
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Unformatted text preview: without a Bible…. Civil Rights Act of 1964…. It calls for the banning of racial discrimination in all facilities open to the public, it also strengthened the federal government’s power to end segregation in school, and it will create the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) covers race, religion, national origin, and gender…. “War on Poverty” and on the “Great Society” Johnson becomes the president….he was a Congressmen and a Senator….he decides that we need to declare a war on poverty…. “we can end poverty in our time”…....
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