The doughboys - Mihiel a major victory From September to...

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The “Doughboys” can Fight! American forces did not arrive until about one year after war was  declared (so spring of 1918). By that time,…. . The first serious fighting occurred for American soldiers (the AEF-  American Expeditionary Force) in June of 1918 at the Battle of  Chateau-Thierry on the Marne River east of Paris. This was the  first significant engagement of American troops in a European  war! Since may the Germans had been advancing on Paris, but  with the new reinforcements, the tide was halted and by July of  1918, with an Allie victory at the Second battle of the Marne, and  the Germans began to retreat! In September of 1918, the Allies defeated the Germans at Saint 
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Unformatted text preview: Mihiel, a major victory. . From September to November 11, 1918, American Gen John J Black Jack Pershing led several million troops in the Meuse Argonne offensive, particularly winning the Battle of the Argonne Forest, west of Verdun. Germany was now ready to give up1 Even as early as October the German government had asked President Wilson for an armistice. They did so on November 11, 1918, once Germany left France, Belgium and the German Kaiser Wilhelm II resigned… The war cost the USA around 32 billion…roughly 50,000+ USA soldiers died in the conflict but…....
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The doughboys - Mihiel a major victory From September to...

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