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The Election of 1896 - William Jennings Bryan of NE famous...

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The Election of 1896 Monetary policy- loomed as the issue of this election The Republicans nominated former Congressman William McKinley of Ohio…fellow Ohioan and iron magnet Marcus Alonzo Hanna, who wanted to be a Kingmaker, and believed government should be helping big business. The Republicans were for the gold standard, even though McKinley was friendly to silver. The Democrats were a mess. Cleveland was done..At the convention in Chicago in July of 1896,
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Unformatted text preview: William Jennings Bryan of NE, famous cross of gold speech, making his cause for silver, inflation (thus basically a Populist Platform) McKinley won 271 to 176 and had over 500,000 more popular vote…the populists will fade away after this election and the improving of the economy. This was a turning point to a new era with big business, big cities, middle-class values, and financial conservatism winning the day....
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