The Election of 1936

The Election of 1936 - The results 523-8 Supreme Court...

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The Election of 1936 June 1934 the National Housing Act created the Federal Housing  Administration (FHA)… July 1935 the National Labor Relations Act/ Wagner Act…why?  So this created the National Labor Relations Board August 1935 The Social Security Act… Dems renominated FDR Republicans nominated Alfred M. Landon- governor of Kansas
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Unformatted text preview: The results- 523-8!!!!!!!! Supreme Court Blunder January 20, 1937…A mandate!!!!! You can’t fire supreme court justices, so FDR asks Congress to add New Justices for every member over 70…max being 15! This packing the Court stunt backfired!!!! But the Supreme Court got the message!...
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