The Election of 1964

The Election of 1964 - attacked….so LBJ gives the order...

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The Election of 1964 Democrats….LBJ, “his own term”…he had the backing of the civil  rights and rich communities… Republicans….Senator Barry Goldwater of AZ, a major  conservative, he will attack the income tax system, the TVA, the  civil rights legislation, the Great Society….Ronald Reagan backs  Goldwater….the results 486-52… During the campaign- “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution”…two of our  ships were helping S. Vietnam, but the N. Vietnamese 
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Unformatted text preview: attacked….so LBJ gives the order to have an air raid on the N. Vietnamese bases….the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gave the most war declaring powers to the president, more than he ever had….but technically all he can do is repel an armed attack and prevent a future attack….some say that this is the beginning of the Vietnam War…....
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  • Barry Goldwater, Tonkin resolution, Republicans….Senator Barry Goldwater, Society….Ronald Reagan backs, war declaring powers

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