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The farm becomes factory and

The farm becomes factory and - Grange of the Patrons of...

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The farm becomes factory and “cash” crop system As the # of farmers decreased, those farmers who remained achieved miracles of production. Deflation becomes a problem..thus the main problems for farmers were low prices and a deflated currency. By 1880, 25% of all American farms were operated by tenants Tough time for farmers because of Mother Nature Plus, farmers sold their goods at low prices… Farmers in 1890 made up 50% of the population, but were not organized. In 1867, the National
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Unformatted text preview: Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry-the Grange Movement-was organized and led by Oliver H. Kelley… Founded in Texas in the late 1870’s, they came together to socialized, but also to break the strangling grip of the RR’s and manufacturers through cooperative buying. But the alliance. . It is out of the Farmers’ Alliance that a new political party emerges in the 1890’s- the People Party/Populists. These frustrated farmers attacked Wall Street and the money trust.”...
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