The Muckrakers

The Muckrakers - the malpractice of life insurance...

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The Muckrakers Beginning about 1902 the exposing of evil became a flourishing industry among American publishers. A new type of literature emerge… The term comes from TR in comparing these journalists to “the Man with the Muckraker” in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress…. It started in the Fall of 1902 when McClure’s Magazine…Ida Tarbell and the History of the Standard Oil Company and the other on big-city political machines called “The Shame of the Cities” by NY reporter Lincoln Steffens. Other magazines were involved too- “Cosmopolitan, Collier’s, Everybody’s” and they assailed
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Unformatted text preview: the malpractice of life insurance companies, beef trusts, railroad barons, child labor, the continued plight of America’s 9 million blacks, and even the stock market,…. Another. .the sot Upton Sinclair. He wrote The Jungle….Published in 1906 that focused on the plight of workers in the big canning factories and Chicago’s slaughterhouses…John Spargo Bitter Cry of the Children The muckrakers were long on lamentation and short on remedies. To right social wrongs, the counted on publicity and an aroused public conscience…....
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