The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal - money.Roosevelt Corollarypreventive

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The Panama Canal The Columbian government wanted a ton of money to build the Canal, $40 million dollars was proposed. .and rejected…so the US helps to start an uprising…Varilla…leads an uprising. We begin to start working on the Panama Canal. We are given a ten mile wide zone. Sovereign territory of the US, started in 1904, ten years to build…. Ultimate cost $400 million dollars. Latin America did not like this…so we paid Columbia $25 million dollars….in 1921 Dominican Republicans were in a spot of trouble….so we help them out with
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Unformatted text preview: money.Roosevelt Corollarypreventive intervention-international police. A bully pulpit- Roosevelts view of the presidency. He helped bring about a treaty in Japan and Russia Roosevelt also gets credit for solving the yellow peril-California segregates Asian children. .Japan agrees to stop sending so many people to California.He then dispatches the Navy to scare Japan...
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