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The Race with the Soviets

The Race with the Soviets - The Race with the Soviets...

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Unformatted text preview: The Race with the Soviets Election of 1956…Adlai Stevenson..some worried of the President’s health 22nd Amendment­ presidents can only have two terms Labor issues..Jimmy Hoffa was accused of stealing over 10 million dollars in dues…Landrum Griffin Act 1959­ helps to keep labor leaders in line financially…. October 4, 1957….Sputnik­world’s first artificial satellite….many Americans felt that their technology was behind the Soviets’….Khrushchev was now making threats about missiles… this will leave the US to reevaluate the entire school system…we launch our own satellite and NASA….Khrushchev calls for a complete disarmament of all weapons, he will even meet with the president at Camp David…but these good spirits do not last… May 1, 1960…American U­2 Spy plane…Gary Powers was the pilot and convicted in Russia of espionage and eventually we had to trade prisoners to get him back to the US months later…they were meeting at the Paris Summit, when Eisenhower was confronted, he admitted to sending a US spy plane and Khrushchev stormed out of the meeting….. ...
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  • Spring '11
  • Labor issues..Jimmy Hoffa, dues…Landrum Griffin Act, Spy plane…Gary Powers, entire school system…we

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