The Rise and Fall of Joseph McCarthy

The Rise and Fall of Joseph McCarthy - this affected people...

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 The Rise and Fall of Joseph McCarthy  February 1950…Wheeling, WV…accusing Secretary of State  Dean Acheson….this republican became senator of Wisconsin;  he becomes senator because he lies of his military record.  Anyway, he gives a speech in West Virginia and accuses Dean  Acheson of hiring 205 communist who received jobs in the state  department. However, every time the number would change and  he could never give a name. The only reason he did this was to  get fame.  He became ruthless…he began to call democrats traitors…he  even said that George Marshall was part of a conspiracy…he  would accuse people and bring them in front of his committee…
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Unformatted text preview: this affected people because then they will be alienated or othered from society…then he daringly goes after movie stars… Eisenhower could not stand him, but he knew he was too popular to mess with him. In the Spring of 1954…McCarthy runs out of ammo…he accuses U.S. soldiers communists; however, the soldiers fought back and Congress condemned him…but he continued to issue his ridiculous statements but no one listened…in 1950 he would die of alcoholism…guess what we never found one communists in America....
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