The Roots of Progressivism

The Roots of Progressivism - American life They believed...

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The Roots of Progressivism When- the period by the end of the 19th Century and American entry in WWI is usually called the Progressive Era. 1 in 7 people were immigrants. Definition- whether Progressive is taken to mean “tending toward change” or improvement or is merely used to suggest and attitude of mind…Progressive elements had existed in earlier periods…In some ways the progressivism of the time was a continuation of the response economy in the world-concentration of corporate power, a rebellious working class, misery in the cities and corruption for machine politics. Where- The movement…many sources. One was the fight against corruption and inefficiency in government, begun in the time of Grant. Another was in the effort to regulate and control big business…., which characterized the Granger and Populist movements. In short- Progressives sought to arouse the conscience of “the people” in order to “purify”
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Unformatted text preview: American life. They believed the source of society’s evils lay in the structure of its institutions, not in the weaknesses or sinfulness of individuals. Therefore loyal, state, and national government must be made more responsive to the will of citizens who stood for the traditional virtues. These crusaders would wage war on many evils- monopoly, corruption, inefficiency, and social injustice. Its single battle cry was “Strengthen the State”. Why? Because… Writers had already begun, even before 1900 to pinpoint the targets for the progressive attacks. Writers such as 1894 Henry Demarest Lloyd writing against Standard Oil in Wealth Against Commonwealth, and Jacob A Riis in 1890 his account of the NY slums in How the Other Half Lives deeply influenced TR....
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