The Seeds of the Civil Rights Revolution

The Seeds of the Civil Rights Revolution - decision…Linda...

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The Seeds of the Civil Rights Revolution  Truman…”To Secure these Rights”…Executive  Order 9981 in 1948…when Truman found out about  the lynching of the six black war veterans, Truman  desegregated all civil service including the arm  forces. Of course, many people resisted including  Congress. President Eisenhower did not help with  the civil rights issue. Only the judicial branch helped  (Supreme Court).  Earl Warren = he is the chief justice of the Supreme  Court and he would led an activist council. Since  Congress would not budge, the Supreme Court  decided to do something…President Eisenhower  appointed him and he changed society in ways  Republicans never envisioned…we also have our  first official black athlete during this time, Jackie  Robinson. May 1954, Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka,  Kansas…this was a unanimous Supreme Court 
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Unformatted text preview: decision…Linda Brown wanted to get into an all-white public school, but she was denied and then her father sued by saying the schools were not equal…the Supreme Court ruled that segregation in schools should be handled with deliberate speed. Meaning they could take their time…this decision overturned the Plessey v. Ferguson court decision. President Eisenhower’s response…was against integrating and he never endorsed the ruling; however, he did not publically denounce it. September 1957, Little Rock, Arkansas…a group of AA students were selected to go to a white school in Little Rock….Eisenhower had to sent in the National Guard in to protect the students The Southern Christian Leadership Conference February 1, 1960, Greensboro, NC…. .”sit in”...
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The Seeds of the Civil Rights Revolution - decision…Linda...

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