Two controversial measures

Two controversial measures - Father Charles Coughlin...

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Two controversial measures…the Tennessee Valley Authority  (TVA)…And FDR legalized the sale of beer and wine, as the full  repeal of Prohibition would come in December 1933 by the 21st  Amendment.   June 1933, the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA) created  the National Recovery Administration (NRA)….And the Public  Works Administration (PWA)…. The Supreme Court will strike down several of these acts… A Few Loud Dissents
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Unformatted text preview: Father Charles Coughlin- Catholic priest from Michigan, thought that the New Deal overstepped their boundaries…he had a radio show Huey Long- He was a Louisiana governor and late senator. .he hated bankers and was almost totalitarian…everyone is a king Francis Townsend- a long beach California doctor… old age revolving pension plan…200 a month if they quit their job spend it within 30 days…...
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  • Prohibition, national industrial recovery, National Recovery Administration, Age Revolving Pension, controversial measures…the Tennessee, senator..he hated bankers, Father Charles Coughlin­

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