WWI part2 - warning ships and this lasted for a while The...

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WWI (part II) Americans continue to trade with Allies and the demands of a war  actually pulled the USA out of a down time, especially trade with  GB and France….By early 1917, GB and France had run out of  money and borrowed well over $2 billion from the USA… The German U-Boats A new weapon named after the German word  Unterseeboot , for undersea boat,  the German U-boats proved to be very effective. In February of 1915…. The German U-boats had sunk about 90 ships when on May 7, 1915 they sank  the British passenger ship Lusitania off the coast of Ireland, with 1198 lost lives,  128 of them Americans. Americans were furious! In March of 1916, the Germans attacked the Sussex, a French passenger ship.  Wilson was furious….Germany issued the Sussex pledge stating they would start 
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Unformatted text preview: warning ships and this lasted for a while, The Election of 1916 The progressives met in Chicago and nominated TR, but…So the Progressive party died…. The Republicans nominated supreme court justice Charles Evans Hughes,…the Republicans condemned the new tariff assaults on trusts, and Wilson’s indecision in dealing with Mexico and Germany…. . The Democrats, meeting in St Louis, nominated President Wilson with the Slogan “He kept us out of War. The problem…so he passed a series of progressive reforms, such as nominating Jewish Progressive Louis D Brandeis to the SC, then passing the Farm Loan Act, and the Keating Owen Child Labor Act, which The Results, that night…Wilson thought…won a close election-277-254....
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  • Spring '11
  • President Wilson, passenger ship Lusitania, German U­Boats, German word Unterseeboot, new tariff assaults, French passenger ship

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WWI part2 - warning ships and this lasted for a while The...

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