biology - Bio Notes 9/9/11 Traditional cell model is very...

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Bio Notes 9/9/11 Traditional cell model is very inaccurate and over-generalized, most cells do not share the same round structure. Embryonic blast cells are usually round, but once they differentiate they change into a shape that helps them better do their job. DNA determines when/where differentiation occurs. Undifferentiated (pluripotent) stem cells can be used to generate differentiated cells in organs that have been damaged. Embryonic stem cells kept on fibroblasts to help maintain them, when put in certain environment they will differentiate according to instructions given. Bio Notes 9/12/11 Stem Cells: Found in all multicellular organisms, divide by mitosis Pluripotent stem cells are usually found in 5-7 day old embryos Multipotent stem cells have less range of outcomes; can differentiate into a range of cells in an organ but not into a cell from a different organism. Stem cell transplants are given to cancer patients to fight the tumor Bone marrow transplant is most common, graft vs. host is when the donated marrow’s genetics differ from the recipient’s genetics, and the marrow then attacks the body Some people have religious/moral objections against taking stem cells from a 5-7 day embryo Stem cells are harvested from In Vitro Fertilization, sperm and egg combined in a lab Can take an embryo at the 8-cell stage, pipette out one cell, and the 7 cell embryo would still grow into a full human being. It is possible to force adult cells into pluripotent stem cells, in a process called induced pluripotency cuts out the issue of informed consent, isn’t killing an unborn child, less people can have moral objections to this, if induced pluripotent cells are given back to donor as a transplant, there is no risk of graft vs. host. According to a study, induced pluripotent stem cells may still be rejected.
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biology - Bio Notes 9/9/11 Traditional cell model is very...

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