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Ancient Roman Life Martial gives the schedule for a Roman workday The first and second hours cause those involved in the salutatio to rub shoulders, thirs sees lawyers active Rome extends its labors into the fifth hour, The sixth will be a respite for the weary Virtually everything we know we know from Pompeii In fact, Roman culture encompasses thousands of dif peoples and cultural orbits -our view is therefore extremely limited Environment determines how cities develop. Pompeii is an expression of what it is. To what extent does it show whats going on in the empire. Obscures what is going on outside of Pompeii Rich vs Poor Gap between the wealthy and the poor practically unimaginable Social distinction between a poor person and a member of the social aristocracy is vast! Trimalchio fears that the poor will soil his tomb with excrement
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Unformatted text preview: -assumes that people in completely destitute straights occupied tombs.-Marshal implies that tombs also served as brothels Slums _inadequate facilities-access to water and waste disposal *structural soundness-leaking roofs-prone to collapse-Augustan legal proscriptions *overcrowding Location of Building *elite houseing typically occupies locations of elevation *poorer housing in lower areas-more prone to flooding Sewer Systems *Roman, Pompeii and Ostia are best preserved but still imperfectly understood Drainage *available evidence suggests that most insulae lacked any point of commection to the main sewer systems-implies that hygienic conditions withing the insulae would have been poor-public toilets -also true of most independent houses as well-why?...
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